What Some of Our Clients Are Saying 

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This plaque was specially created for Dr. Bogart by one of our patients. 

I am SO glad that I don’t have to constantly push my glasses up on my nose because they’re slipping. I will not miss having to wear sunglasses on top of my prescription glasses while driving. It is nice to know I don’t have to depend on glasses anymore! The LASIK procedure really didn’t hurt, it was a little uncomfortable at times. After surgery I wasn’t in any pain at all. I have already recommended LASIK and Dr. Bogart’s office to my friends and my social media connections!
- Daniella Rivera

I chose Dr. Bogart & Carolina Eye Center for my LASIK surgery because I heard nothing but good reviews and when I got to their center, I felt so confident. I had other consultations set up, but once I came in for my appointment, all the employees were so great- a real family atmosphere, which is why I chose their office. The procedure was so fast and I barely felt anything. It was awesome! I can see! I am looking forward to watching the super bowl with my brand new vision!
- Carla Allen

I chose to have PRK surgery instead of LASIK, for safety purposes. I’m very active and currently in the military. The surgery was painless, I could see immediately after it was done. I had a little discomfort, but I am so glad I don’t have to wear glasses anymore!
- Brad Kingsmore 

I woke up very comfortable this morning. I couldn't even tell that I had surgery just yesterday. I went to school and had the BEST experience, because I could actually see the chalk board, my teacher's face, all of the paperwork, everything! My vision is perfect, it's better than I ever imagined it would be! I had a very good experience as a patient at Carolina Eye Center. Thank you Dr. Bogart!
- Amy Roper

Mono vision is great! I was expecting to have more discomfort, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I can see to drive and read without having to rely on glasses. I am so very pleased that I had this LASIK surgery!
- Jean Abrahamsen

I chose to have LASIK surgery so that I could play sports without getting my glasses knocked off. Glasses were an inconvenience for me, I couldn’t stand wearing them and they were always getting scratched up. Dr. Bogart was highly recommended. He has served in the military, and I’m currently in the military, and have heard nothing but good things about Dr. Bogart. The staff at Carolina Eye Center has been very comforting and has answered all of my questions directly without beating around the bush. The surgery went well, it was short, and it really didn’t hurt at all. Right after surgery, I knew it was worth it…I could see without glasses! I will definitely recommend this procedure to everyone.
- Joey Pender

I have worn contacts since middle school and have always had problems with my vision. LASIK has finally made it possible for me to wake up in the mornings and have one less thing to worry about. The procedure was fast and painless; the results are life changing. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. LASIK surgery is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Now I see 20/20- all thanks to Dr. Bogart and his staff.
- Louise Burgess

I have always had pretty sensitive eyes. I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of objects in or around my eye area either. I was tired of wearing glasses and unable to wear contacts comfortably. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Bogart just to see what my options were. Before having surgery I couldn't really make out the big "E" on the eye chart. I was very nearsighted with astigmatism. Dr. Bogart decided that the safest option for someone with my prescription would be to have a surface procedure. I had Epi-K surgery performed on both eyes. I knew the healing process would take a little longer and that my vision would not be perfect right away. I also knew that there would be some more discomfort associated with the procedure. I was basically down for a weekend, not feeling like doing a whole lot of anything. At my first follow up visit, my vision was already 20/30. A huge improvement from what I was before surgery. I wore my sunglasses a lot because my eyes were sensitive to light. I hung in there, and at my next follow up appointment my vision was 20/20! Although Epi-K does have it's cons...it was well worth it! It is comforting to find a Doctor that you can trust and a staff that truly cares about you. I know that I had the safest procedure possible and if you see me in glasses now...they're SUNGLASSES!
- Nick Barfield

Dear Dr. Bogart & Staff,
What a difference PRK has made!!! Not having the constant aggravation and pain of contacts and glasses is life changing. Waking up every morning and being able to see the clock is nothing less than a miracle for me. I am so glad that I decided to have the surgery and I could not have picked a better place to have it done. Dr. Bogart and his staff were amazing! Thank you so much!
- MacKenzie Long

I had needed glasses for a long time. Both my parents had them before they were ten. My brother has them. I could never bring myself to go in for an eye exam. The thing is, my eyesight wasn't horrible, but it wasn't sharp- I had trouble driving at night, couldn't see street signs and things like that. It wasn't just the thought of glasses; it was the general phobial that I have with Doctors. All this changed when I met Dr. Walt Bogart and the staff at Carolina Eye Center. The first time I went in, I felt at ease, ... they explained why people need glasses, what happens to the eyes, and what LASIK does and how it fixes it. I had an exam, and ultimately I had the surgery done. The staff knew I was a tad apprehensive, and they were awesome too! My vision is crisp, clear, and I can even see at night! Honestly, LASIK for me, was a good choice. I can see road signs and even read scripts better!
- Tyler Ryan, New 92 RADIO

My first pair of glasses was prescribed for me in 1980. I really wanted to have LASIK surgery, but I was concerned that I would not be able to afford it. I researched my health care options and found that Carolina Eye Center was one of the most recommended LASIK facilities. I made a phone call just to inquire about pricing - little did I know that less than a month later, I would be seeing without the aid of my contacts or glasses. I was able to apply for a program called CareCredit that would finally allow me to afford eye surgery. I was welcomed by a very friendly staff that took great care of me from the moment I walked in. I was assured that there was nothing to be afraid of and I would be able to continue doing the things I love. I work at a computer all day, I play in smoky clubs on the weekends, and I ride my motorcycle as much as possible. The day of my surgery was full of anticipation! I was led into a room that I could literally only see figures in white coats and before I even got up from the table I could see each of the person’s faces around me. My jaw was surely wide open because I could not believe I could see so clearly, so quickly! Because I had the PRK procedure, occasionally there was some slight discomfort, but nothing a little more sleep and medication couldn’t take care of. I was back at work in no time with my cool shades on and I had absolutely no problems with my eyes. I cannot give a high enough recommendation to the wonderful group of people at Carolina Eye Center. I have been pleased with everything from day one and look forward to my next visit.
- Marty Brittain

I received LASIK eye surgery from my parents as a Christmas gift. It was a much needed gift; one I had needed for years. After the procedure, it was a world of difference, like seeing the whole world in Hi-Def.
- Clint Yon

It's been really great being able to enjoy kayaking these past few months without glasses. I don't have to worry about my glasses falling off or fogging up, and I can just enjoy the scenery. My kayaking partners have been stunned on several occasions at how far I've been able to see up a river. Getting Epi-LASIK has greatly improved my vision. I was 20/400 and now I am 20/15 with both eyes! I am extremely satisfied with my experience as a patient at Carolina Eye Center.
- Aaron Schwartz

Carolina Eye Center does everything professionally. They have a very friendly staff. I know several people who referred me to Dr. Bogart and my Mom has a number of clients that spoke highly of him. I am looking forward to waking up with clear vision. LASIK is so amazing! Thank you Dr. Bogart and Staff.
- May Do

Before surgery, I found it difficult to see the big “E” on the chart, everything was blurry, and it was very difficult to do ordinary tasks. Initially, I came in to see if I could have the LASIK procedure. After careful consideration and all of the information given to me by the staff, I decided to have the Tecnis Lens implant instead. I drove all the way from Conway just to see Dr. Bogart because he is not only a Veteran, but also was the Chief Ophthalmologist at several of the larger military bases. Anytime you find someone with the kind of experience that he has had with eyes, you know that they are the right person for you to trust with your own eyes. After having the Tecnis Lens implanted, my vision is incredible! The gift of vision is priceless and my vision is better now than it was when I was in the 4th grade. I can see things that I never thought I would be capable of, and I am looking forward to seeing every blade of grass when Carolina starts playing their football games! I would recommend this procedure. Dr. Bogart and the staff have just done a tremendous job in answering all of my questions and providing the after-care. Without a doubt; this is one of the best procedures I could’ve selected and Dr. Bogart is the best person that I could have selected to perform this procedure! Thank you so much.
- Denise Applewhite

I actually came in to see if I could qualify for the LASIK procedure. Dr. Bogart recommended a Refractive Lens Exchange instead. I am so happy with my vision after having the surgery and I wish I would've done it sooner! There was minimal recovery. The procedure was quick and painless. I do not miss the hassle of wearing glasses all the time and I am ready for my son's wedding next month! It's amazing that with my new TECNIS lenses I can see to drive, to read, and all distances without requiring glasses! I am so glad that I elected to have this procedure and I would definitely recommend it to others! Thank you Carolina Eye Center, you're the best!
- Charlotte Whisnant Hicks, 1 month post-op

To wake in the morning is a miracle! To wake up and be able to see the alarm clock without finding your glasses is another miracle! The list goes on and on… To be in the rain without it raining on your glasses, to walk in the cold and your glasses not fog. One of the most precious blessings is to be able to hug your grandchildren without your glasses hurting their heads. You can really hold life’s special joys close to your heart!

My husband and I had been wearing glasses for a long time. I was 13 and he was 40 when he first started wearing glasses, now we are in our 60’s. Stanley heard about Dr. Bogart from Tim Miller on the radio. After talking it over with one another and lots of prayer, we both decided to have our eyes corrected at the same time. We had our Mono Vision LASIK as an early Christmas present to one another. Before having any surgery, you have to really trust your Doctor, and we both trusted Dr. Bogart. I sing his praises to everyone! It is a painlessly quick procedure. We both are very grateful to Dr. Bogart and his caring, friendly and professional staff.

- Stanley & Lucy Slice

We are Photographers. We make our living with our eyes. So, when it was time to get them laser corrected, we went to the very best! Dr. Walt Bogart of the Carolina Eye Center is one of the most experienced eye surgeons in the midlands. He has performed more than 18,000 refractive procedures. Their state of the art equipment ensures the very best results! My vision was corrected to 20/15! Becki is corrected to 20/10!
- Clark & Becki Berry

Before I had LASIK surgery, I was seeing 20/400, practically counting fingers. Now, less than 1 month after surgery, I am seeing 20/20. How do I feel about my new life without glasses? It is fantastic! I feel a boost of confidence and I am enjoying life thoroughly. I am glad I had the surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat. I thank God for guiding Dr. Bogart’s hand during the procedure and allowing me to shed the burdensome glasses that I wore for so long. I am confident that Dr. Bogart will have many more successful LASIK surgeries, with the Lord’s help in aiding others like me. I thank my parents who stood by me with my decision. It was comforting to know they had taken time away from their busy schedules, to be with me. I highly recommend LASIK with Allegretto Wavefront Technology to all who wish to shed their corrective lenses. Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK surgery, but...how will you know, unless you ask and see?
- Frank Troglauer

LASIK Surgery has given me freedom! Freedom to choose any pair of sunglasses I want! Dr. Bogart performed LASIK surgery on both of my eyes for distance and astigmatism. I went from seeing 20/100 in both eyes to 20/20! Prior to having LASIK surgery, one of the most annoying things about having to wear glasses was driving. The sun was constantly shining in my eyes, and a visor would only shield so much. Now I have so many sunglasses, it's hard to choose which pair I want to wear! I remember working in the yard and the constant fogging up, slipping off my nose, and using my shirt tail to clean them- causing them to become scratched. I am so glad I elected to have LASIK surgery and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of wearing glasses and contacts in order to enjoy life.
- Jennifer Koon

I guess you could say that Jennifer was my "Guinea Pig." After seeing how well her LASIK surgery went, I decided to have my own eyes treated. Dr. Bogart recommended Mono Vision LASIK because I was over the age of 40. Before surgery, I could not see at all without my glasses; and with my glasses on, I found myself pulling them off to read. I don't have to wear glasses at all anymore, not even to read. I have complete confidence in Dr. Bogart and his staff. Most of all, I love my new eyes! No doubt, LASIK surgery was the best money I have ever spent.
- Jennie Koon

I am a Black Belt Instructor, Certified in the Art of Kenpo Self-Defense. With laser vision correction I no longer have to worry about injury to my students or myself. A clarity needed to focus on self-defense.
- Mary Shortt

I had required vision correction since I was 10 years old, and I remember being embarrassed to wear glasses as a child. When I turned 12, my parents let me start wearing contacts-which I thought was the best thing ever. Within the last four years, I haven't been able to wear contact lenses due to irritation. I debated for about a year before I finally decided that I was tired of wearing glasses all the time. I found that glasses limited my ability to function and participate in things that I enjoy most in life. Initially, I was very nervous about having LASIK surgery. My greatest fear was that it would be painful-and boy, do I wish I would've done it a long time ago, because I didn't feel a thing! To look back and realize that before I had surgery, my vision in my right eye was 20/80 and my vision in my left eye was 20/200, it is truly amazing to have 20/15 vision in both eyes! The surgery was painless and I had immediate results. There are so many advantages to having LASIK-going to the lake and seeing without the hassle of glasses, playing with my kids and not having to worry about my glasses getting knocked off my face, not having to constantly clean my glasses all day long. Not having to wear glasses has boosted my self-esteem and best of all...it has saved me a lot of money!
- Megan Waters

Dear Dr. Bogart, It’s been just over six months since I received my LASIK surgery from the Carolina Eye Center. No words can express how my life has changed since the procedure. Having LASIK is so much more than not having to wear glasses, my personal and professional life changed. I feel better about myself and my relationship with others. I have a new found confidence unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. From the beginning, your staff lead me every step of the way with care and individual attention. I count the decision to have LASIK performed one of the best I’ve made, however to have LASIK performed by you and your staff is one of God’s blessings. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.

Tim Miller

I've been in Afghanistan for almost 6 months now and my eyes seem to be doing fine. I try to use eye drops as liberally as possible and haven't found the dust to be that bothersome. Functioning without glasses has been a true blessing over here! I look forward to getting home this Fall and I'd like to get in to see you as soon as I can when I get back. Thanks again- LASIK is truly life changing!
- Saddler J. Taylor
Camp Phoenix Force Protection
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